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kaSmash is New & Noteworthy!

November 23, 2010 1 comment

In the words of Sir Thunder…




KaSmash is a New & Noteworthy gaming app for the iPhone.


A message from Sir Thunder…

October 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Dearest peasants, 

Dost thou thinketh thee can beat I, Sir Thunder and become a REAL knight?! For I thinketh thou are very much mistaken! By my troth I will not be beaten for I be the Knight of Thundershire!!!

Yes, it is I who slay the dragons, it is I who rescue the fair maidens, it is I who hath a lot of money, it is I who ladies wish they were courting and it is I who their men wish they could be. But most of all it is I who holdeth the kaSmash Trophy and it is I who thou measly peasants must beat to be worthy of knighthood.

Behold thy challenge:

Set in the Thundershire jousting arena in medieval Britain thee are surrounded by splendid banners, tents and shields! Spurred on by thy cheering fans thee face a board of jousting targets which thee needeth to clear as quickly as possible but be careful ye silly peasants, hit the wrong target and it will cost ye dearly.

A KaSmash champion requires skill, accuracy and tenacity and thee need to have ye wits about ye plus lightning fast reflexes to become a true Knight. Practice makes perfect as each round thee win brings thou closer to thy glory. Collect GOLD in all fifteen challenges and ye can be truly called a Knight of KaSmash.

Peasants continue readeth if thou not too scared:


I heareth what thee say. It geteth harder though. Foolish peasant…









Not so smug now are thee?!







Ye can even shareth thy score with other peasants!














So what say thou? Are ye knightly enough to take on the kaSmash challenge? Personally, methinks not. Methinks thou will go crying to ye mother.

I would wish ye good luck but ye will need more than that!


The one and only Sir Thunder (If ye doneth know who I am ask thy wife).