About kaSmash

kaSmash Game for the iPhone and iPad:

fast, furious, and seriously addictive

You are a squire, on a quest for knighthood glory under the fierce guidance of Sir Thunder, Knight of Thundershire and KaSmash Champion!

Set in the Thundershire jousting arena in medieval Britain you are surrounded by colourful banners, tents and shields. Spurred on by your cheering fans you face a board of jousting targets which you need to clear as quickly as possible but be careful, hit the wrong target and it will cost you dearly.

To become a KaSmash champion requires skill, accuracy and tenacity and you need to have your wits about you plus lightning fast reflexes to become a true Knight. Practice makes perfect as each round you win brings you closer to your glory. Collect GOLD in all fifteen challenges and you can be truly called a Knight of KaSmash.

Available on the iPad and iPhone. Click on these links to be taken the appstore. 🙂

Thanking you!


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