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kaSmash now available in HD for the iPad- ’tis splendid!!!

Unfortunately Sir Thunder could not be here to deliver this message personally. He is currently busy slaying fluffy, a fearsome dragon causing absolute mayhem down here in Thundershire...

Here at Kastle Smash we are extremely pleased to tell you that our beauteous app is now available for the iPad!

It’s full of kaSmashing goodness with a 64 Icon visible jousting array (if you thought the iPhone version was good this makes the HD version really really good)

Just like the iPhone version, it is available in both Lite (3 levels) and Full versions.

The full version includes 15 progressively harder levels across 5 themes – Shields, Flags, Barrels, Helmets & Coats of Arms

You can win Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies. The quicker you clear the board the better your trophy!

Show off your scores with integrated Openfeint and Facebook sharing options.

Anyway instead of ranting on, here are some screenshots:

Ooh! Getting harder...

LOOK! 64 icon array!



















Scoreboards...can you be the next Archie?







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